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Romney, my hero (a positive reason baseball makes me cry)

Before we begin this evening's storytime, children, I'm going to take a moment to give loving admiration to Kris, Bob, Jimmy, Chris and BES.... these darling men have been nothing but sweet to me, supportive and angelic, and have even said kind things about my newly-red hair. (long story, that one) As we get on with the show, I just wanted to write down today how awesome they were. Gotta give credit where it's due.

Romney. Young man on chemotherapy. Plays baseball. It's the final game of the season for his team: playoffs. The kid's the worst batter on the team (obvious reasons apply including reduced strength), and the opposing team is faced with a choice: walk the best batter Romney's team has (who is up before Romney), then pitch to Romney... OR... take his chances with the best batter on the team.

Coach Farr decided to walk the star. Romney struck out.

There's a lot more to this story: Farr saying, "It was just good baseball" in reference to his decision, and further defending himself by saying he didn't know Romney was a cancer patient... Romney's Mom pointing out, "My son's picture was all over the newspaper when he met President Bush [made possible by the Make a Wish foundation], and Coach Farr knew about his condition because Romney played basketball for him and I tell all Romney's coaches about his condition."

But the BEST PART of this story is Romney. The next morning, over breakfast, Romney says to his Dad, "I want to work on my batting, so I'm the guy they want to walk next time."

Think his dad cried to hear his son say that? I cried.
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